Disposal System – Cooling Water Failure

A loss of cooling water can result in a loss of process cooling and shutdown of rotating equipment, causing multiple discharges to the disposal system.

Determination of Credibility

A cooling water failure is considered a realistic contingency if a single event could result in the loss of cooling water. In addition to power failure contingencies discussed above, a loss of cooling water may result from a rupture or blockage of a single cooling water supply line. Typically, consideration is given to the failure of only one cooling water circuit at a time.

Determination of Impact on the Collection and Disposal System

A cooling water failure will result in a loss of cooling to all water-cooled exchangers, such as process coolers, process condensers, and utility coolers. Loss of condensation typically requires relief of the non-condensed vapors. Loss of overhead cooling for distillation columns often requires relief of the column overhead vapors. Loss of condensation in refrigeration loops can result in shutdown of the refrigerant compressors and subsequent loss of refrigerant cooling to the process.

The loss of utility cooling can result in shutdown of rotating equipment due to high temperature. Operating experience should be consulted to define the potential for shutdown of rotating equipment due to loss of utility cooling.

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