Selection of Flow Measurement Devices

Once the need for flow measurement and the location for a flow meter have been determined, the first question usually is what type of device should be used. The first consideration in selecting a suitable flow measurement device is the service, or the type of fluid for which the flow meter will be used.

Figure 500-1 is a chart for preliminary selection of flow meters based on their intended service. Keep in mind that there are often exceptions.

Guide to Flow Measurement

Figure 500-2 provides a quick comparison of the main types of flow meters on the basis of typical performance criteria, design conditions, and cost of equipment.

Flow Meter Selection Table

Each of the flow meters listed in Figures 500-1 and 500-2 will be discussed in more detail below.

Once a flow meter is selected on the basis of the service, other considerations are as follows:
• Type of fluid to be handled
• Process conditions under which the flow meter will be operating
• Performance requirements
• Electrical area classification and safety
• Installation conditions and maintenance requirements
• Economics

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