V-Cone Meters – Performance

One manufacturer claims a ±0.5% accuracy of reading for the primary element. Depending on secondary instrumentation, possible V-Cone meter system accuracy ranges from ±1% to ±2%. The V-Cone primary element exhibits repeatability to ±0.1% or better. The turndown of the V-Cone meter is claimed to be 15 to 1—exceeding the traditional differential head type meters.

The V-Cone meter is not significantly affected by non-ideal flow conditions. This is in contrast to orifice meters which are known to be sensitive to non-ideal flow conditions that are usually caused by upstream elbows, valves, and other fittings. Tests conducted at CPTC in 1995 have showed that the V-Cone flow rate measure ments are within 0.5% of the no-swirl baseline measurement even in highly swirling flow (e.g., swirl angles up to 40 degrees).

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