Vapor Flow Meters Orientation

This section applies to steam and to gases which will condense at the highest expected ambient temperature.

The objective of this orientation is to maintain a constant liquid static head (from the condensed steam or gas) on both impulse leads while ensuring that all entrained non-condensable gases will vent back to the process line.

• Locate the flow Meter below the line. For vertical lines, locate the flow meter below the orifice plate.
• For horizontal meter runs, use the flange taps located above the center line of the pipe.
• Install condensation chambers above the orifice plate root valve. Locate the condensate chambers so that they are self-draining back to the process line.
• Mount the flow meter and install the three- (or five) valve manifold so that the flow meter and manifold are self-venting.

Route the tubing leads between the root valves and condensate chambers so that they slope continuously downward toward the root valves. Slope the tubing between the condensate chambers and the flow meter downward toward the meter. Ensure that the leads are self-venting with no pockets where vapor can be trapped.

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