Wellhead Control Systems – Tagging and Nameplates

Nameplates and tagging are very important for the factory checkout of the panel, the installation of the panel, safe operation of the controls, and maintenance troubleshooting of the wellhead control system.

These are some important considerations:
• All internal components should be tagged with the instrument number or the identification number on the schematic drawing. If the component does not have permanent markings giving the make and model number, then this information should be added to the tag. Tags should be of stainless steel and wired or attached onto the components by a corrosion-resistant fastener. Panelmounted devices should have these tags attached to the device and visible from the inside of the panel.
• All panel-mounted instruments including pressure gages, valves, indicators, pilot relays, etc., must have engraved Bakelite or plastic nameplates that clearly identify the device.
• Engraved tags should have black letters in a white (or other color if a color scheme is used) background so that they can be easily cleaned. They should be attached with stainless steel screws.
• Nameplates should be engraved from a nameplate schedule or front of panel drawing. They should include the tag number, a process function, and any operating instructions (e.g., “Pull To Reset”).
• These tags are often color coded. Possible color groups are surface safety shutdown controls; subsurface safety controls including the hydraulic system; and bypass and ESD switches.
• Panel title nameplate should have 3/4-inch letters at a minimum and should identify which wells in the area or wellbay are being controlled. The controls for each well should be clearly grouped and identified.
• Each bulkhead connection should be identified with a stainless tag that is drilled and mounted under the bulkhead connection fitting. These tags should be mounted both on the outside and inside of the bulkhead. The tags should include the instrument number or schematic identification number.
• Panel drawings, including a schematic and parts list, should be enclosed in a weatherproof envelope and put in a pocket in one of the doors. On the inside of the panel should be a stainless steel or phenolic tag with the supplier’s name, date of manufacture, vendor job number, Company purchase order number, and a list of the panel drawing numbers that could be useful to anyone troubleshooting the panel.

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